Mega Lottery Numbers – Picking Lottery Numbers May Seem Difficult Satta Matka

Picking lottery numbers may seem like a difficult or random strategy – this depends entirely on how you look at it. Some people believe the lottery is always random and anything can come up (which in all reality, it can). Others believe there are strategies to follow, such as following patterns, looking at previous drawn numbers and putting together a plan. However you decide to play, there is always the possibility you will win a prize.

The Mega Lottery is a popular draw in the US, where there are a number of lotteries all over the large country. Mega Lottery includes some of the biggest and perhaps most populous states, like New York and Washington DC. These cities guarantee a large amount of entrants and in turn a bigger prize draw at the end (especially for the jackpot which is variable depending on the amount of entrants, as well as rollovers).

With Mega Millions, you pick six numbers in total, a golden ball which is the Mega Million ball which has the effect of increasing your prize draw and five main numbers or balls which will give you varied prizes. Matka These main balls are white and come from a different machine than the golden ball; so really, you can choose the same number twice (if you have that much faith in it! Although probability would say the same number probably won’t come out on the same day!).

If you match five numbers and the golden ball you will get the jackpot, which is a varied pot, but is no less that $15 million. Depending on the amount of people who get the mega lottery numbers, the prize will vary – the fewer people who win, the fewer ways the prize will be split.

Mega Lottery gives players a chance to win even by matching only one ball – the golden ball, which pays $2. On average, there are about 250 thousand winners of this (this can vary) and the numbers get smaller, normally by half the more numbers you need to match – for example, looking at the results of 9th January 2009, 246’905 people won the $2 prize, but 20’806 people matched two main numbers and the golden ball, then only 5 people matched the five main balls for the runner up $250,000 prize. There were no jackpot winners- so even though the different between the $250.000 and $16 million is just one golden ball number, the chances were so small that no one won.

The official Mega Millions website will also have a guide as to where the winners were located, especially jackpot and first runner ups (which state they live in) although identities are protected unless the winner states they are happy to be named.

Mega lottery numbers can be found on the internet, newspaper, television, radio and various other facilities. The television or internet is quite often the easiest way to check for results as you can also look up previous draw results and compare it to your tickets.

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